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  • Mini Savana 3503

    Mini Savana 3503

    The Rainforest Mini Savana cage is suitable for Budgies and Finches. The Mini Savana cage features four cages which can be used singly or stacked four high. The Mini Savana ....

  • Manu



  • Amazon Cage 3508

    Amazon Cage 3508

    The Rainforest Cages Amazon is suitable for Cockatiel, Budgerigar, Finch, Canary. The Amazon cage features 1 door and 2 nest box doors per section. 8 feeder bowls. Pull out metal tray and removable ....

  • Lima Breeder 5001

    Lima Breeder 5001

    The Rainforest Cages Lima Breeder cage is suitable for Finches, Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels and other similar sized birds. The Lima Breeder cage features two front opening doors ....

  • Lima Cage Stand 5012

    Lima Cage Stand 5012

    The Rainforest Cages Lima Cage Stand is suitable for use with the Lima Breeder cage and the Lima Cage Cabinet. The Lima Cage Stand features castors. ....