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Cage Cover Size 7 3106

The Adventure Bound Toys Cage Cover Size 7 is suitable for use with the Ice Mandelieu, Panama, Santa Cruz, San Felipe, Fun Indiana, San Luis, Fun Virginia, Fun Havana, Missouri, Siam, Costa Rice, St Lucia, Lotus, Georgia, Fun Arizona, California, Virginia, Brasilia, Jing and Fun Phoenix cages. The Cage Cover Size 7 is designed to keep your bird secure in his home with a tough and thick black material to cover the cage completely as required and with an opening front panel for easy access. The Cage Cover Size 7 features velcro to the front door for easy opening, universal fit to most cages whatever the manufacture, covers the seed catcher and is machine washable at 30C.

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  • •   Measurements: W 54 x D 42 x H 60 cm

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