Why Use Bird Toys?

Bird toys provide opportunity for our pet birds to participate in activities in our homes environment that replicate some of the natural behaviour’s we see in birds living wild, like foraging, mind stimulation and importantly exercising. Sometimes using toys/hideouts to escape a busy room and hide or rest, even sleeping at night, something like a … Continue reading "Why Use Bird Toys?"

Java Wood

At a time where our focus has never before been so channelled to preserving our planet – especially for all of us with a special interest and affection for parrot-like birds, we at Sky Pet Products thought it important to give a little insight to how, where and why Java wood plays a part in … Continue reading "Java Wood"

Cage Instructions

Hello Have you opened your new cage and found that the instructions are not in the box? If you are in need of the instructions for your cage, please click here to view our cage instructions, if the instructions you need are not there please let us know and we will add them for you. … Continue reading "Cage Instructions"